Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Media Analysis: A social performance

Last week I discussed social demographics and the effects they have on our lives. Where we live, the type of people we hang out with, our income and wealth and the type of education we have gained makes up our social divide in life. This week unfortunately I missed another stimulating lesson, filled with debates and disputes about our social categories. Although when I did come to class on Monday morning I was greeted with Alexia's assignment of the week. I remember describing Alexia's lessons – ‘entertaining as a play at the theatre,’ and for our next project, a play is what we need to perform. Based on the readers and editors of NYLON, my group and I have to act a short play showcasing Nylons target readers. If you know me already, you would be able to tell that the acting lessons I took as a child have not stayed with me until now. A misused talent you can say; hence the reason I never succeeded. Nylon is a great magazine for the artistic, fashionable and photographic person who is creative and inspirational. It is a magazine about the art world and reflects on reality, rather than a magazine which portrays a deceptive image to its consumers. As I wonder about my upcoming performance on Friday, I can say that it will give me an insight and understanding to Nylons consumer profile and who their general target customers are. I guess this will be a performance I will never forget!