Thursday, 18 October 2007

Media Analysis: A social Act

I took to the stage with my group and you could see the nerves generating in our faces. All of us were murmuring under our breaths, trying to remember the lines and the correct timings to say our parts. But believe it or not, our performance was pretty outstanding. We took the image nylon portrayed, and the type of market consumer they aimed at to create a performance that received a standing ovation of about 10 people. Our performance in Alexia's lesson this week enabled us to present Nylon in an interactive form, displaying our creative efforts which, believe it or not, involved humour. But I must say the funniest part of all was me playing the part of a Nu Rave teenager. Imagine me dressed in extra tight fitted skinny jeans which make it impossible for me to breathe in; a bright green tight fitted shirt that meant being able to see me in the dark without the lights on was possible, and a headband across my head which was so tight, that meant all the circulation to my brain had stopped. It was not a pretty sight. But it put humour in the play. But I must say I understand why Alexia made us undergo a task like that. It was not only for the intense humiliation part of the act, but it was to gain an understanding of socio-demographics. I will never forget that tight fitted headband!