Friday, 27 November 2009

Returning To Classics...
Now where would we be without the classic Burberry Trench, the ever so chic tapered Theory trousers, the gold Brietling watch, Anne Fountaine's crisp white shirts, Christian Louboutin's to christian our feets, Chanel's rouge lipstick and a Kara Ross 18kt gold diamond ring, well let me tell you...we would be nowhere, because these are the classic pieces that make fashion fabulous! Oh but let's not forget the genius that made chic possible... the great ...the incredible
Yves Saint Laurent!
"If fashion was art, fashion wouldn't get the urge to change every 3 months. If it was art you wouldn't need stylists!"

A Discussion with Peter Jensen interviewd by Josie Pohlinger at The University of Creative Arts Epsom - If you weren't present, you totally missed out!

Matches is now stocking Chanel, how fabulous!!!!!

It's All About The Fur !!

Right now it's all about fur! And no I’m not just saying this because it's clearly winter and that's the prime warm ensemble, but right now fur is making a killer statement wherever I look. I just bought this amazing parker from Theory which is enriched with Racoon fur on the hood; believe me when I say it's simply divine; casual but chic!