Sunday, 7 October 2007

Fashion Journalism Week 2: Another Day at Notting Hill

Small designer boutique Mensah located in Portobello Road is an exclusive store I discovered two months ago. It is a stylish, unique and innovative women’s-wear boutique specialising in contemporary and vintage clothing. Designer pieces date from the 1920s to the mid 1980s by Biba, Gucci, Ossie Clark and YSL. Contemporary designers include KIND, Manish Arora, Louis de Gamos and Romas Martin. As I walked in the store it reminded me of the same warm and comforting atmosphere as it did the first time I entered two months ago. The feeling was a much different experience than last week when I went to ‘one of a kind’; in this store you don’t feel so smothered by all the clutter and you are certain to find what you need without having to scuffle and fray through other pieces in your way. As I browsed through the collections in the store, I came across a red cashmere jumper with a detailed ribbing design around the collar and sleeve. Priced at £120 by Contemporary designer KIND I had to have it; a fabulous purchase which had to be made. Although my priority was to analyse the store, I found myself drifting in to another world of KIND clothing. As I sipped my signature hot chocolate from Starbucks, my eyes took a sudden glance through their exquisite collections of designer jackets they had available. Fitted tailored military style coats caught my interest. The Gucci modish jacket with gold button details and simple embellishment around the sleeve reminded me of a trend that I discovered on the runway for next season: Ralph Lauren, a prime example of the whole 1920s glamour, entwined with the 1920s masculine look. The Military trend which has been exposed for spring 2008 kept running through my mind as I scurried through the Mensah collection of coats. Mensah has a range of effortless fashion; it is the boutique which specialises in one-off exclusive pieces; a store which provides elite clothing for women.