Friday, 12 February 2010

It's a shame...We have lost a great legend. R.I.P Alexander McQueen xxx

Monday, 4 January 2010

Just a little clip that made me think! Plus I love Dj Kool Herc's sunglasses!!!!

Is the srunchy making a return?

OK, so to my suprise on the tube today, I saw a very stylish lady rocking a georgous Balenciaga ensemble on her arm, Lanvin pumps on her feet and a vintage Chanel necklace gracing her neck. But for some strange reason she had, what seemed to be, a fur scrunchy in her hair. Am I missing something? I know Marc Jacobs dazzled the catwalk last season with the whole bunny bows in the hair reflecting Madonna's getup in the 80s, but was he really trying to re-introduce something that originally made all women look like a fashion disaster. mmmmmmm one to think about.......