Friday, 9 November 2007

Media Analysis: The State of e-zines today

The internet is a major source across the globe that we have all got access to. Even if we don’t have internet in our homes, there are many internet cafes on the high streets. Technology is a big part of our lives; I mean everyone these days has the latest mobile phone, the new and exclusive playstation or the new sleek blackberry. And if your anything like me, your blackberry becomes a status of who you are as a person; mine is filled with web pages and emails from fashion websites. These days when I want to find the latest news, or buy the new "IT BAG", I don’t bother to go to the store, I usually just source all these things on the internet. While currently studying Fashion Journalism at university, I find myself reading many newspapers daily and constantly flicking through magazines. But why should I buy so many editorial publications in print, when I can just as well source these editorial pieces online. for example is one of my favourite websites to log on to. On their website I can research the latest trends, discover new fashion shows across the globe, and read up on the latest fashion gossip. Being such an informative and interactive website, provides me with the ultimate resources I need. Comparing this website to a publication such as Vogue, I would say provides a more critical analysis of what is in or not in fashion. I mean who can blame me for wanting to source free and well-written articles online, rather than buy a magazine or a newspaper daily/weekly. Another website which I find very useful is Style articles on this website are written in great context, and provide relevant information on many designer labels including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton. This website which seems to be updated regularly is a perfect source for journalists. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is a waste of time buying magazines, because there are many great ones out there such as Amelia, Harpers Bazaar and Wallpaper but the internet is still very useful. The power of e-zines are clearly successful, and when the internet becomes apart of a discussion it is quite hard for the other topic to compete. Another website which seems to always amaze me is A cheaper resource to visionaire magazine, but a very useful and interactive website featuring brilliant photography. I remember seeing a picture featuring a dress and necklace by Maison Martin Margiela taken by Glen Luchford that left me speechless. It was just a photo, but the way it was taken made it a fabulous photo. This website is great for looking at various fashion images by renowned photographers. And by not being able to afford the magazine personally, it is great to discover the best features online.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Fashion Journalism week 7: The Curvy Approach

Fashion Journalism week 7: The Curvy Approach

So it turns out that women today are embracing their curves, and are happy to showcase them with waist cinching belts and figure hugging bodices. The belt has turned into a key accessory this season, with fashionistas wearing them over chunky knitwear to help create a waist, over last season’s coats and jackets to update their look, and smock dresses; creating a unique look of their own. Not only are these chunky style belts being sold in nearly every high street store, but designers have well and truly picked up on this trend. Burberry has created a gorgeous adjustable black leather corset belt, with triple buckle detail, priced at £395; this belt is well worth every penny. While Alexander McQueen has designed a sleek contempory crocodile belt worth £3,200, and let’s not forget the unforgettable and adorable wide butterfly belt by Paul and Joe at £270. As I walk through Soho, I find myself standing outside Agent Provocateur. With their delicately defined raunchy window, showcasing gorgeous sexy underwear, I proceed inside. As I identify the body con/ curvy approach on the streets from the outside image, I start to think about the amount of pressure woman go through trying to create that sleek smooth curvy look on the inside; beyond the clothes you can say. Magic Knickers or the fitted body suits in Marks & Spencers are some great lingerie pieces to hold our wobbly bits in, but the Corset is also a cute and sexy way to do it to. Agent Provocateur have a selection of plain black corsets, in many sizes, with great stitch finishing’s. Also Coco De Mer in Convert Garden is great for reinventing the curvaceous look with there selection of corsets on sale. But let’s not forget the woman who is great for creating this look; the only women who creates such a sexy look in a sophisticated way; that is Dita Von Teese.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Emma Hope Boutique

Picture taken of the Emma Hope store in Westbourne
Grove and the Sock shoe sold in store.

Fashion Journalism week 6: Emma Hope

As I catch a glimpse at all the woman who walk past me through Westbourne Grove, I am not at all amazed how prestige, elegant and how rich they all look. With Cartier diamonds locked around their wrists, Hermes bags fastened underneath their arms, and Christian Louboutin shoes christened at their feet, I feel as if I am at a live outdoor runway show. But what I notice more about these woman, are the accessories, and my eyes suddenly drop straight to their feet. The "shoe boot" which is becoming increasingly more popular off and on the runway, is seen everywhere. At Kurt Geiger the shoe boot is designed in patent black, structured with 4" heels and an amazing gold buckling detail at the side, while Jimmy Choo promotes their gorgeous triple buckle shoe boot in there window on Bond street, and lets not forget Christian Louboutin shoe boot with the unforgettable and magnificent red sole. As I walk into Emma Hope- A small shoe boutique on Westbourne Grove, I feel as if I have entered the world of the shoe trend. This small open plan boutique based on two floors delivers a range of Ballet Pumps, Boots, Day Shoes, Evening Shoes, Platforms, Sneakers, Men’s shoes, Bags and Accessories. But my eyes take a sudden glare towards a pair of round ballet sock boots. To make it sound simple, attached these patent black leather ballet shoes are knee high woollen socks; two trends in one. Priced at £319 these shoes are absolutely amazing, they are a perfect practical design for winter. With their fabulous collection of shoes, their boots also draw me to temptation. The chocolate brown knee high boots, with a gold buckle detail priced at £459 is a great winter investment. And with the boots also comes the brown and white landscape buckle bag in pony hair available for £489. Now although the prices seem quite high, the collection of shoes and accessories are amazing with a fantastic finishing detail. And this is a boutique which seems to be well on trend in terms of accessorising.
So why not splash a little?

Friday, 2 November 2007

Media Analysis: Fashion And Music

A lecture today with Daryoush Haj-Najafi turned into an open discussion, following debates and opinions based on music and fashion. This was one of many lectures that got me interested in joining in. We began by assessing mainstream magazines such as NME, Man About Town and Interview; and then gradually we started talking about less familiar publications such as Friends (a much more psychedelic magazine in the 60s and early 70s), The Beat Generation (this magazine focused more on music and the rock and roll culture) and Playboy (a magazine, which believe it or not use to be more literate than Paris reviews). We then progressed on to talking about the history behind magazines today; which then led us to a discussions based on Raf Simons- (most famous for his collection on terrorists and the UFO), Hedi Slimane- (acknowledge for pushing skinny jeans on men), Walter Van Beirendonk-(was new rave before new rave even existed. His 80s collection made him more famous), Tierry Muglar-(known for his extreme fantasy collections), Cassette Player-(she combines this highly conceptual world with music and is mostly famous for styling MIA) and Kim Jones-(her style draws on from being happy and draws on an image of a cartoon world). As I continued to take notes throughout the lecture I couldn’t help but wonder; does music influence fashion? Or does fashion influence music? I mean take Cassette Player and Hedi Slimane for instance. Both designers get their inspiration from music, and when you think about it, can fashion or music ever rely without each other.