Friday, 2 November 2007

Media Analysis: Fashion And Music

A lecture today with Daryoush Haj-Najafi turned into an open discussion, following debates and opinions based on music and fashion. This was one of many lectures that got me interested in joining in. We began by assessing mainstream magazines such as NME, Man About Town and Interview; and then gradually we started talking about less familiar publications such as Friends (a much more psychedelic magazine in the 60s and early 70s), The Beat Generation (this magazine focused more on music and the rock and roll culture) and Playboy (a magazine, which believe it or not use to be more literate than Paris reviews). We then progressed on to talking about the history behind magazines today; which then led us to a discussions based on Raf Simons- (most famous for his collection on terrorists and the UFO), Hedi Slimane- (acknowledge for pushing skinny jeans on men), Walter Van Beirendonk-(was new rave before new rave even existed. His 80s collection made him more famous), Tierry Muglar-(known for his extreme fantasy collections), Cassette Player-(she combines this highly conceptual world with music and is mostly famous for styling MIA) and Kim Jones-(her style draws on from being happy and draws on an image of a cartoon world). As I continued to take notes throughout the lecture I couldn’t help but wonder; does music influence fashion? Or does fashion influence music? I mean take Cassette Player and Hedi Slimane for instance. Both designers get their inspiration from music, and when you think about it, can fashion or music ever rely without each other.