Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Recycled Fashion

Can we ever be individuals when our whole wardrobes are simply based on recyled fashion?? As much as we claim to set trends and not be fashion victims it would appear that we are at times our own worst fashion you see I was born in 1987, born into the 90's yet I never got to be a teen that was part of the 90's the music and flair was all over my 21 I find myself getting sucked into what went before me..victorian frilly blouses paired with skinny jeans..retro trainers and gold rope chains..boyfriend blazers and high waisted skirts with plimsolls..I am I guess a recyled fashion victim..for my wardrobe like others remains reminiscent of era's gone I ask can we ever really be individuals when so much of our fashion is simply recyled and redone..