Friday, 21 September 2007

Media Analysis:A discussion today which kept me thinking.

This morning I woke up feeling rested and fabulous, on my way to a media analysis class at the playhouse. Although at the time I wondered why we were having such a critical module within the theatre, but eventually realised that our lesson today was as interesting as a play I would have paid to see. The lesson began with an interesting discussing about consumer, trade and contract publications and the different types of magazines that we come across more often on a daily basis. We then gradually drifted into discussions about how different types of magazines are being portrayed, how diverse some publications are with the style of writing used, and the different target audiences they are trying to attract. But one particular topic we discussed today in class, continually made me think about improvements I feel should be made for teenage magazines. Alexia Economou talked about how majority of teenage magazines can gradually effect and decrease the self esteem of a teen. While most teenage publications issue editorial pages about how to kiss a boy, or how to buy the latest products to look cool, it makes you think by analysising this how much confidence a teenager must still have after reading these articles. Is the type of teenage magazine which issues articles based on “ways to look cool” or “ways to impress boys” a good base in life for teenagers to reflect on? When reading such articles, is it a way of manipulating teens so when they mature they rely on ways of not impressing themselves but ways to impress others? Is this right? Throughout I couldn’t help but wonder how much more improvements teenage magazines need.